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If someone makes ooc posts about their depression or negativity, I unfollow them.

If someone makes ooc posts about their depression or negativity, I unfollow them.

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    (( This! ^^^^^^^ Some of us “Heartless bastards” can’t stand to see that stuff. Not because we don’t care. It’s because...
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    I’m puttng this under a readmore because it’s a rant (Trigger warning: Mentions of suicidal thoughts and depression....
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    I get that people have triggers, but this post rubs me the wrong way. There’s always scrolling past/blocking post/tumblr...
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    Re-blogging for what -exocistedechu- said since it’s the truth.There are people behind the blogs and we all have...
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    terminus—zero: ((Apparently you’re an ‘unsympathetic face’ (hehe) if you do this, but honestly, those peeps above are...
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    [outofnothing; I need to reblog for these last comments, to put things in perspective. While I agree that it is good to...
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    //And I guess that no one is allowed to feel triggered or upset by other peoples’ constant negativity, and quietly...
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    Not if it happens occasionally but if it happens each, every and all day, then yes because we all have our problems but...